Moving back home to Atlanta has been a bit more work than I expected it to be. I just knew, it'd be finding a house to rent, grabbing a few things from Target, and everything else would just fall into place. Not entirely so.

I'm not complaining at all on the state of things. To the contrary, I'm grateful for where we are and the fact that our problems are anthills in the grand scheme of things. But deep down, I'm still struggling with self-worth.

Getting back home, I've recognized a few things about myself:

  • I find my identity and value through the work I do; but what should I do now that I'm unemployed?
  • I feel like I'm not doing my best with the podcast
  • With an "infinite" amount of time these days, what do I have to show for it?

This will be an ongoing battle I take part in, but I took some time to assess these thoughts and share them with you.

Let me know what you think and feel free to reach out.

November 10, 2019

Isaak Hayes

Isaak and I talk about parenthood, entrepreneurship, family travel, and life in the Bay Area.


Hope you enjoy!

It's down to the last 7 days of the epic trip we've affectionally call "The ARV".

It was a long journey to get up to and do such a big trip. But the trip itself has been a journey.

In this episode, my wife and I discuss what we've liked and learned over the journey. Also, as sad as it is coming to an end, we discuss what we're excited about in the next chapter of life. So many unknowns, so many questions. But the future still steadily approaches.

For now, that's all! We are wrapping up our family travel in Bangkok, Thailand and I'll be back on hailing from the US soon!

Thought this went up a while ago, but it didn't. 
This is dated back to July 27, 2019. 

Right before we went off to Tokyo, Japan.

We talked about things we would do differently, what we're grateful for, and what we've learned about ourselves. Additionally, we talked about what impression Vietnam left on us.

And lord knows what else - we just let the convo rolled wherever it went.

Hope you enjoy!

July 14, 2019

ARV check in #1

We are 2 weeks in to our ARV (After Residency Vacation) and wanted to check in. 

We're still alive and well, but wanted to talk about our experiences so far. It's just a candid convo where we talk about our expectations, what we're enjoying, as well as some of the unexpected difficulties we've had. 

Everything so far has been fun, but we're only getting started! We'll do more talks to keep you in the know.

Also, follow the Facebook page to see pictures and videos I'm sharing.

Until next time!


Right now is an interesting time of life... Whew... We are preparing to leave the state of California, travel to Southeast Asia for two months, then land back in our home state of Georgia. There is a LOT we got on our plates right now.

  • Finalizing travel details
  • Getting rid of furniture
  • Finding dog boarding
  • Tidying up things for work
  • Cancelling utilities at the current rental

There's more, but that's what my tired brain can recall right now. The fun part is that we also have to get things in order once we touch down in Atlanta. 

None of this is to say I'm complaining. We're super duper blessed to even have these opportunities laid before us. So, we are building up our strength to take these challenges on and #thrive!

Oh... one last thing I talk about is my wife's engagement ring and wedding band (both, yes, both) going down the toilet drain... 😳


This was supposed to be released May 12th, but errruuummmmm..... It's getting released today. 🙃

Just wanted to track and share my progress. As well as discuss some of the hard parts of traveling for me.

This episode, I had the privilege to talk with Dr. Pamela Ellis (aka The Education Doctor).

Dr. Pamela has amazing experience with helping young adults get into college and parents avoiding breaking the bank to pay for it.

In this episode, we talk about her personal experiences as a parent, her struggles with her teens going off to school, and how to keep your cool as a parent during this big mad dash. Not only do we discuss school, but we talk about other options to consider if your child isn't ready for college.

It was great speaking with Dr. Pamela Ellis and her opening up about her experiences. If you'd like to connect with her or learn more, I encourage you to check out these resources:

Tanya Sheckley is a social entrepreneur; national speaker on education, parenting, and grief; as well as the founder of UP Academy, a progressive elementary lab school focused on truly inclusive education.

Our conversation was fun, inspiring, challenging, and rewarding.

It's very easy to try and ignore the thought of facing the death of a child, until it hits home. So, we covered grief, thriving, as well as discussed how she came to be such a kick ass mom. Her words are inspiring and uplifting and sure to leave an imprint on your heart.


UP Academy

Harold on Wheels - UP Academy's Canine Ambassador

UP Academy on Twitter

UP Academy on Facebook

UP Academy on Instagram


This week, I...

  • was busy with... preparing for interviews and aiming to get new podcast guest.
  • was successful by... interviewing the kind and wonderful Tanya Sheckley and her opening up about her personal story opening a school and facing grief
  • learned... to stay positive by focusing on how I can provide for others. A topic I learned a while ago from Tim Ferriss and Adam Robinson, but often forget.

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