March 8, 2020

Hitting reset

In this episode, I air my latest thoughts - most importantly, my desire to reset on how I'm approaching running this show.

Show notes:

  • Why I'm hitting reset

    • Finally settling from the move from the Bay Area to Atlanta (thank you Jesus!)
    • Landed a job and now have a two income house again
    • Combatting negative self-talk and perfectionism
  • Super big thank you to my listeners and supporters!
    • My wife, mom, Sooria, Nate, Brian, Jon, Chelsea, Alexa, Milenys, Dorshell, Melissa, Mike D, Crystal, and Isaak
  • Upcoming interviews on side hustles, romance, relationships, and F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence and Retiring Early) finances
  • Topics that have been on my mind (and I might interview for later)

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