March 22, 2020

Rolling with unfamiliar punches

Parental units,

You don't need me to repeat the consistently used "unprecedented times" phrase to let you know how wild things have been and how the world has almost felt flipped upside down.

But, I just wanted to reach out and connect with you all. First to share my story of how we're handling unexpected homeschooling, working from home with a kid always at home, and juggling all of this mental stress.

I'm also taking this time to open the door and hear back from you. How are you navigating this? How has your family been impacted? What are you doing to respond? Email me at to share your experience.

Lastly, wanted to talk a bit about what's to come with future episodes and what you can expect from them. In the midst of this chaos, I'm glad to still be sharing out and connecting with parents on these topics.

Wishing the best for you and your family as we work through these times!

Until next time parental units!

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