August 19, 2018

SWP016 - Lift the parents and you’ll lift the child

Sean Grover is an experienced child and family therapists that shares wisdom from his experience. Whether it's from time with clients or moments from home, Sean Grover's advice is what a lot of parents need to hear to focus on themselves. We were all individuals before becoming parents - and Sean Grover takes us back to that time to tell us why we're missing out on those valuable times.

Show notes * Poverty Inc. documentary * Switching from Single Mothers group to The Wild Women * I’m tired of complaining * No complaints 21 day challenge * “When kids call the shots” by Sean Grover * 24:05 Divorce and parenting * 25:35 Clash of parenting styles * 27:01 Relationship maintenance * 30:15 Tension outlets * 31:52 “I’m too busy” * 33:50 Needs of a single parent - In a perfect world * 40:20 Martydom parenting * 52:20 Bruce Springsteen book * 55:56

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