June 16, 2019

Weekly check-in: Preparing for the big move

Right now is an interesting time of life... Whew... We are preparing to leave the state of California, travel to Southeast Asia for two months, then land back in our home state of Georgia. There is a LOT we got on our plates right now.

  • Finalizing travel details
  • Getting rid of furniture
  • Finding dog boarding
  • Tidying up things for work
  • Cancelling utilities at the current rental

There's more, but that's what my tired brain can recall right now. The fun part is that we also have to get things in order once we touch down in Atlanta. 

None of this is to say I'm complaining. We're super duper blessed to even have these opportunities laid before us. So, we are building up our strength to take these challenges on and #thrive!

Oh... one last thing I talk about is my wife's engagement ring and wedding band (both, yes, both) going down the toilet drain... 😳

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